Baruch Haba! Welcome. Worship with us on Shabbat (Saturday) mornings beginning at 10:30am. Please feel free to voice any questions, comments, prayer requests, or concerns that you may have using the form below.

Todah Rabbah,
Beit Shofarot Messianic Synagogue

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  • Shabbat mornings at 10:30 am 1503 S. Main St, Kannapolis, NC, 28081
  • 704-933-4652

Shabbat Zmanim
Shabbat Times for Oct 20, 2017
Kannapolis, NC US
30 Tishrei, 5778
ל׳ בְּתִשְׁרֵי תשע״ח
Parashat Noach / פרשת נח
Candle Lighting Time: 6:41:00 PM
Sunset Friday: 6:41:00 PM
Sunset Saturday: 6:41:00 PM
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