NEW!!! Our youth is exploding and we are now implementing new classes.  In Level 1: Beginners Hebrew for Kidz our children will begin learning basic Hebrew!  Children will begin with learning the Alef Bet, how to count, colors, shapes, etc.   By the end of the level 1 course children will know the Alef-Bet, how to sound out and transliterate block Hebrew, recognize the Hebrew Calendar and the Mo’edim (Holy Days).  Kidz will also be introduced to some basic Shabbat prayers in Hebrew as well.   This course is designed to prepare the students for Hebrew for Kidz level 2.  In level 2 kidz will learn modern Hebrew with a focus on grammar and vocabulary.  Although this class is geared towards children, adults are welcome.  Please see Alannah for more information!

This book, including all Lessons, Activities, Vocabulary, worksheets, and Homework assignments, will be available here or on our Facebook page each week.

(All materials are FREE.  However the curriculum, including all the lessons, worksheets, and activities, are created in house by our Graphic Designer except for a few sheets from  Donations for ink, paper, and other learning materials are greatly appreciated.)

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Intro to Hebrew

Lesson 3: Review

Lesson 6: Review

Alef Chart from Ahklah

Test: Alef-Hai/Vocab

Test: Lesson 3 and 4

Lesson 1: Alef, Bet, Vet

Lesson 4: Vav and Tzayin

Lesson 2: Gimel, Dalet, Hai

Lesson 5: Chet, Tet, Yod

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