Yesod HaEmunah

with Rabbi Yossi

Yesod HaEmunah means Foundations of the Faith.  Join us as we explore the foundations of our Faith. In this class we explore the Jewish context of the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah and the Apostles, the Jewish context of the Scriptures, Biblical Culture, 1st Century Judaism, and the Jewish Roots of the Christian faith. In addition, we also study Church history, Jewish History, Symbolism, Apologetics, and the history of Jewish Liturgy. Class convenes at 3:00pm each Shabbat following Oneg.

Note: All Bar/Bat Mitzvah candidates will attend this class as part of their training.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Classes

with Rabbi Yossi

Bar/Bat Mitzvah means a son/daughter of the Commandments. This class is open to boys from the ages of 12 and up and girls from the ages of 11 and up. Traditionally a boy becomes a bar mitzvah at the age of 13 and a girl becomes a bat mitzvah at the age of 12. Beit Shofarot invites any of our members of these ages and older who would like to go through the program to do so. It is open to both Jewish and Non-Jewish peoples and is about a yearlong study. If you are interested or have a child that you would like to enroll, please see Rabbi Yossi for more information concerning the requirements.






Beit Shofarot is proud to have an excellent media department. Barry heads up the technical process at Beit Shofarot while Alannah heads up the Graphic and Web Design department. Jointly Barry (I.T./Security) and Alannah (Design) manage the website department.

Photography and Videography

This is one of our newest ministries here at Beit Shofarot.  We now have a fully functioning photography and videography department.  If you have taken photos that you would like to submit please see Alannah K.  If you have video clips please see Lori R.

Audio/Visual Team

Our audio/visual team is responsible for running the sound board and ensuring that the visuals run smoothly. They are the backbone of all the music and speakers. The team is comprised of Barry Robinson and Josh Loyd (Audio) and Enoch Kamili (Visual Lead). We are currently looking for alternates. If you would like to serve in the sound booth or run the visuals please see Michael Kohler.

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Shabbat Zmanim
Shabbat Times for Feb 23, 2018
Kannapolis, NC US
8 Adar, 5778
ח׳ בַּאֲדָר תשע״ח
Parashat Tetzaveh / פרשת תצוה
Candle Lighting Time: 6:12:00 PM
Sunset Friday: 6:12:00 PM
Sunset Saturday: 6:12:00 PM