In July 2016 we launched ‘Mishkahn Kidz’. This is a fun interactive class in which children ages 5 – 10yrs are learning the Scriptures from a Jewish perspective, and how the Scriptures relate to Yeshua (Jesus).  Children receive fun handouts pertaining to the weeks parsha; coloring sheets, crosswords, word searches, etc.   They also get to get ‘act out’ scenes from the weeks parsha or some other fun activity.  For more information please see Children’s Ministries leader Rebecca.


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  • Shabbat mornings at 10:30 am 1503 S. Main St, Kannapolis, NC, 28081
  • 704-933-4652

Shabbat Zmanim
Shabbat Times for Jan 19, 2018
Kannapolis, NC US
3 Sh'vat, 5778
ג׳ בִּשְׁבָט תשע״ח
Parashat Bo / פרשת בא
Candle Lighting Time: 5:36:00 PM
Sunset Friday: 5:36:00 PM
Sunset Saturday: 5:36:00 PM