Beit Shofarot has been blessed to host various Messianic singers, speakers, and teachers such as Ted Pearce, Paul Wilbur, Joel Chernoff, Mishkanim, Zemer Levav, Barry Segal, Joshua Aaron, Sue Samuel, Greg Silverman, Marty Goetz, Vince and Deborah Kline Iantorno, Phil Klein, Bill Cloud, Reuven Prager, Scott Sekulow, and many others in addition to our celebrating our Holy days and participating in various events such as the March of Remembrance.

Check here often to see when our next event is set and to see when your favorite artist or guest speaker is returning to town! Also, see what is new in the Synagogue as well!

Beit Shofarot ha sido bendecido para recibir varios cantantes, oradores y maestros mesiánicos, tales como Ted Pearce, Paul Wilbur, Joel Chernoff, Mishkanim, Zemer Levav, Barry Segal, Joshua Aaron, Sue Samuel, Greg Silverman, Marty Goetz, Vince y Deborah Kline Iantorno, Phil Klein, Bill Cloud, Reuven Prager, Scott Sekulow y muchos otros, además de celebrar nuestros días santos y participar en varios eventos como la Marcha del Recuerdo.

¡Compruebe aquí a menudo para ver cuando nuestro acontecimiento siguiente está fijado y para ver cuando su artista preferido o altavoz de la huésped está volviendo a la ciudad! También, vea lo que es nuevo en la Sinagoga también!

Upcoming Mo’edim (Feasts of HaShem) and Festivals

Shalom Mischpachah – Hanukkah is coming!!! Here is our Hanukkah Schedule:


1st Night Kick-OFF: Tuesday December 12 @ 6:30
Alannah’s Latkes, Fried Foods, Dancing, Music

HANUKKAH BASH – Saturday Dec 16 @ 6:30pm
Alannah’s Latkes, Lots of Food, Dancing and Music, Dreidel, Games for Kids!

8th Night Lighting – Last Nights Lighting of the Hanukkiah

Bring your Hanukkiah’s if you would like to participate in the lighting ceremonies!

Please register below so that we know how many latkes and other foods to prepare!


Shalom Mischpachah – Mark your calendars for our 10th Annual Community Passover 2018! Stay tuned for more information.

Check back often for more information!



-Enter your choice or choose from preset options.
-See what others are bringing.
-See Oneg inventory.
-Sign up for food, supplies, beverages, and other things.
-Allows the Oneg Teams to Coordinate online.
-Sign up to bring special items (Food, Decorations, Lights, etc.) for special events.

-Many other benefits….


**We are Scripturally Kosher.  This means that we follow the guidelines set forth by HaShem from the beginning.**

This means that if you would like to bring a dish please ensure that it does not contain pork, shellfish (Shrimp, Crab, Lobsters, Oysters, or any other sea creature that has a shell), catfish, birds of prey, and other meat deemed as unclean.

Due to the growth of our congregation (currently running between 110 – 127) we sincerely appreciate all who contribute to Oneg each week.  You truly are a blessing.  Thank you!

Please read Leviticus 11 to see what HE says we can eat!

Members: Please check our Facebook page or your email for the link to signup.






The Overcomers are available for concert dates. If you are interested in having us minister at your Synagogue or Church contact us at or call 704-933-4652

Hebrew for adults every Tuesday Night @ 7:00pm beginning on January 2, 2018.  Students will not only learn how to read and write Hebrew, but they will learn to understand the meaning behind each letter and word.  They will gain a deeper understanding!


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  • Shabbat mornings at 10:30 am 1503 S. Main St, Kannapolis, NC, 28081
  • 704-933-4652

Shabbat Zmanim
Shabbat Times for Dec 15, 2017
Kannapolis, NC US
27 Kislev, 5778
כ״ז בְּכִסְלֵו תשע״ח
Parashat Miketz / פרשת מקץ
Candle Lighting Time: 5:10:00 PM
Sunset Friday: 5:10:00 PM
Sunset Saturday: 5:10:00 PM