Attempting to tell you why I stand with Israel is a difficult thing to do. Not because I have any doubts as to my standing with her, but because the reasons are too numerous to entail without writing a complete letter or even a book about my reasons. Is my stand predicated on the fact that I am Jewish? Of course that has much bearing on it, but it is also because I understand her place among the nations. It is the realization that by the very merit of her being in existence it assures those who believe in the God of Israel that His promises surely endure forever.

What people in all of history have inspired so many to move forward in their belief of a God Who never fails? For even in her (Israel) tragedies we are compelled to sit on the edge of our seat watching and waiting for her Hero, her Father, to rescue her. And time after time we watch as the scene is played out and she is brought out from the flames of her burning house. Why? Is it because she is perfect and complete? No. It is because she is a treasure to the One Who called her in the first place! Because once she was a slave and was rescued by His strong arm at a great price and so her fate is wrapped up in His because He so chooses. She has failed in her claim to being His chosen over and over, but through those failings He has never failed her. What a relief it has to be to those who now believe on this same Father God and the Redeemer of Israel Whose Name is called upon for personal redemption to know that even in our failings that He has promised to never fail us!

The story of Israel is in contrast the story of the whole world. It is the song that the African American slaves sang while working in the plantation fields. It is the foundation upon which America itself was built. Israel’s God is the God that all Truth bearing churches sing to and about each week as they enter their houses of worship. It is her stories that we tell our children when we place them in the comfort of their little beds and tuck them in for a good nights’ sleep. Because of Israel’s existence in the face of unparalleled circumstances those who believe on Yeshua (Jesus) find hope in time(s) of distress.

Why should we stand with Israel? Because her story is our story and her fate the fate of human kind.

Messianic Rabbi Yossi Wentz

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